Super Back Hair Remover Commercial

super back hair removal

super back hair removerOne of the first posts we ever did here at MWTVG was this awful commercial for a callus remover. It’s one of our hall of fame posts. I just saw a commercial today that is sure to both amaze and disgust you and will no doubt enter the basic cable advertising hall of fame as well.

I don’t know if back hair is a huge issue for a lot of people but if it is a problem, there is now a solution. This is an actual product. I’m not kidding. Here is the commercial. Watch it and then tell me what you think.

Super Back Hair Remover Commercial


Did you get why they call it Super Back? Did you see? You are using a cape to apply the hair removal cream and that cape also conveniently doubles as what appears to be sand paper. When I see commercials like these, I always think of the actors in them. You know that these folks went to Hollywood with dreams of being the next George Clooney or Meryl Streep. Now I’m not saying that it’s not possible for anyone in this commercial as just about all of the big stars in Hollywood today came from humble beginnings, but I do think it’s funny when work like this has to be done.

What do you think the casting call looked like? Do you think the agents of the people in this commercial called and said “hey, there is a commercial coming up that I think you would be perfect for. You should definitely go audition.”?

Agent: Phil, you have to get over to the Super Back offices by 9am tomorrow. They are casting a commercial that you would be perfect for.

Phil: Awesome! I’m starving to death and need work. What is the commercial for? Calvin Klein underwear?

Agent: Not quite Phil.

Phil: Ok disappointing but I guess we all have to start somewhere right? So what is the product and why am I a good fit?

Agent: You are going to love this product. It’s a back hair removal system. When I saw the casting call I immediately thought of you because you are the hairiest monster I have ever laid my eyes upon.

And scene.

How about the woman? Do you think when she was a little girl she dreamed of one day giving a look of disgust while shaving a man’s hair back in a commercial? What little girl doesn’t have that dream? It’s like a Barbie fantasy come true.

Now I make fun because I’m not a hairy ape so this isn’t a problem I really have to deal with. If you are afflicted with this condition, I’m sure the Superman Hair removal cape will be quite handy.  If you are in need of this product, you can head to their website at (brilliantly simple advertising. I can’t believe that domain name was available).

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  1. The “about” info states you guys are “middle aged” yet above I see the statement “I make fun because I’m not a hairy ape”. I call complete BS.

  2. Midwest Mark // February 22, 2014 at 4:50 pm //

    20 bucks for a tube of nair and one garbage bag cut in half is pretty reasonable.

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