Sullivan and Sons – Vince Vaughn Really?

For those 6 of you who follow my posts (thanks guys and yes the check is in the mail), you know that I am a fan of all things sitcom.  My thinking is that life is hard enough I don’t want to have to deal with angry zombies, angry motorcycle gangs, or angry serial killers.  Man there are a lot of angry people on TV.

I saw that the 2nd season of Sullivan and Sons is set to air this week on TBS.  I did not watch the first season as I had great shows like Go On, 1600 Penn, and The New Normal to watch.  But since those shows were all on NBC, the network where shows go to die, I wanted to find something else to watch. 

The commercials for the show touted the fact that Vince Vaughn is the executive producer so I thought I would give it a try.  Over the weekend TBS ran a marathon which I recorded.  FYI, it ran at like 2 in the morning and had some fascinating commercials, which even though I recorded the show, couldn’t help but watch (more on those in another post).

Anyway, the show is about some successful New York lawyer who decides to quit his highfalutin important NYC job to move to Pittsburgh and run the family bar.  It’s an important lesson because no one who has ever worked in NY is ever happy and they all want to leave.  TV taught me that so it must be true.

The show has some names you might know like Dan Lauria (he’s the dad from the Wonder Years) and Brian Doyle-Murray (Bill Murray’s brother and was also in Caddyshack).  Valerie Azlynn plays the love interest and she is relatively cute.  There are some other people in it that you will recognize as familiar as well.

With all of that this show is kind of bad.  The LA Times calls it a tired toast to Cheers.  The Hollywood Reporter says it is a stale retread of 90’s comedies past.  IMDB has it at 5.8 of 10.0 stars, which sounds about right.

I really wanted to like this show.  The show is set to air this Thursday on TBS at 9pm central.  I will give it another try as it’s Summer and there is not much else to watch.  Let’s hope they figured some stuff out.