Suburgatory’s Ted Mosby Problem

Ok this is one of those shows that I am sometimes forced to watch because my wife likes it and I don’t have control over the remote at all times.  The show overall isn’t bad.  There are a lot of funny people on it but it is suffering from a raging case of Ted Mosby syndrome.  For those of you who might be new to MWTVG, Ted Mosby Syndrome is what happens to a show when everyone else but the lead on the show is great, but you hate the lead character i.e. Ted Mosby of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.  Seriously.  That guy is an incredible douche.  In fact, search TED MOSBY IS A DOUCHE on Google and see what you find.  I’m not the only one that thinks it.

SUBURGATORY suffers from the dreaded Ted Mosby Syndrome (you know what?  There are so many shows that suffer from this and I have to refer to it so often that I will now be calling Ted Mosby Syndrom TMS.  Always remember that you read that here first and if you ever see it anywhere else, let them know that Midwest Mike coined that phrase and that acronym).

The lead character in this show is Tessa Altman (played by Jane Levy) who is a teenager angry at her dad for moving to the suburbs when she really wanted to live in hip and happening Manhattan, NY.  When you see the neighborhood and house that her single dad that doesn’t seem to work has provided for her, you’ll more than understand why this girl gets to be bitchy and complainy (yes it’s a word) and angry all the time at her dad.

Now here is something else that this show has managed to pull off.  Look at her.  She’s a pretty red head right?  Who doesn’t like a pretty red headed girl?  Almost no one right?  Well the writers of this show make her so annoying that you can’t help but hate her, red hair and all.  In tonight’s episode, it seems like the writers have started to recognize the symptoms of TMS and had an episode with barely any of the red head in it.

The show is funny.  EVERYONE else on this show makes it that way.  If they start reducing the role of red, I’ll change the rating of this show from watch it if your wife is controlling the remote to watch it if you have caught up on the rest of your shows on the DVR.