Steve Carell Will Do The Office Finale

STEVE CARELLKudos to the producers of The Office.  The finale airs on May 16 and all anyone seems to be talking about is will he or won’t he? Will Steve Carell show up for the finale or won’t he?  Well apparently, Steve Carell will do The Office Finale after all.  Executive Producer Greg Daniels was very cagey when asked about Carell’s return causing even more speculation that Michael Scott will show up in the finale of The Office when it airs next week.  Adding fuel to the fire, on Saturday, Steve Carell surprised thousands of fans when he joined the cast at a wrap party in the real Scranton, PA.

I posted back in April a story asking whether or not Carell would show up for the finale.  My feeling is that he owes his success to the show and that he should be there for the end, at least a cameo.  If George Clooney could do it for ER, then surely Carell can do it for The Office.  Just show up and make an appearance.  Don’t be a jerk.  It certainly won’t ruin the finale if he doesn’t show up (I’m more interested in what happens to Pam and Jim), but it would be nice.  We spent years having to endure Michael Scott.  The least he could do is show up to say goodbye.

The Office finale airs on NBC May 16 at 8:00.