State Farm SNL Commercials

State Farm SNL Commercials

Being that we are from Chicago and that we are Chicago Bears fans, we, as a rule, hate the Green Bay Packers. We hate everything about the Packers from their mouth-breathing fans to their stupid field that for some reason people treat like a cathedral. No one from Green Bay escapes our scorn, including Aaron Rodgers. While we dislike Aaron Rodgers and his school boy good looks and incredible ability to destroy the Bears, we have to tip our cap to the commercials he has been taking part in for State Farm for the last few years.

Most recently, State Farm has been putting out several State Farm SNL commercials featuring popular SNL characters from the past. The first one that ran admittedly enraged us here at MWTVG. The first State Farm SNL commercial featured characters that are fully Chicago’s own, The Super Fans.

State Farm SNL Commercials – The Super Fans

I can only assume that State Farm paid Robert Smigel and George Wendt a bus full of money to do this commercial. Either that or they must have been holding their family members hostage until they agreed to do this commercial. That’s the only plausible explanation for how they would sell out and agree to appear with anyone from Green Bay in a commercial.

Now this next one is clearly because Rob Schneider needs the money. Adam Sandler’s movie’s are not automatic hits like they used to be and without Sandler, Schneider has a good chance of being homeless. The Richmeister had a brief but crazy hot flash of a time on SNL. For a brief time, absolutely everyone mimicked this character. It got to the point where you really, really, really started to hate it. Want to feel old? The Richmeister debuted on January 19, 1991.

State Farm SNL Commercials – The Richmeister

Finally, the last of the State Farm SNL commercials (so far). I don’t think this one has anything to do with Kevin Nealon or Dana Carvey needing the money since both are doing pretty well. This one just brings back nostalgia. It’s been a long, long time since we have seen these guys and while we were sick of them too (SNL beats popular characters in to the ground), it’s been plenty long enough now that I would be willing to watch more than just a commercial with Hans and Franz. And if you want to feel even older, the first Hans and Franz sketch debuted during the season 13 premiere on October 17, 1987.

State Farm SNL Commercials – Hans and Franz

I still hate Aaron Rodgers and his stupid face, but I do like these commercials. I’m hoping that we see more old SNL characters make a come back. Since we’ve already had one Dana Carvey character, be on the lookout for a return of the Church Lady. Also, Billy Crystal doesn’t seem to be too busy in the last few years so perhaps we can get a Fernando’s Hideaway appearance. Stay tuned to find out if they do any more.

State Farm SNL Commercials