Star Crossed

New Tonight on the CWStar Crossed premiers tonight on the CW.  I hope I’m not stepping on Midwest Mark toes who loves all things CW by talking about this train wreck of a show.  The premise is aliens show up here as refugees from some other planet but are treated as invaders.  Somehow 2 teenagers are going to find each other and fall in love against all the odds.

Upon their arrival, we aren’t very nice to them sending them to interment camps.  They don’t realize that it’s for their own good.  We have to make sure they aren’t here to blow up Pearl Harbor, I mean the country first.  So 10 years has passed, turns out they actually did come in peace and it’s time to re-assimilate.

The aliens first mistake was to pick Louisianan as the place of first contact.  The people there barely tolerate the rest of us Americans let alone actual aliens.  Anyway, it’s time for the alien kids to go to school and you can bet those crazy Cajuns aint going to be none to pleased bout it.  Hold on a second, you’re an advanced race that traveled through space to save your race so that you could attend public schools in Louisianan?  That just doesn’t make any sense.  If you had done any homework you would have picked China as they’re kind of kicking our ass right now.

Amy Teegarden Star CrossedSo let’s meet high school student Emery Whitehill played by the 24 year old Amy Teegarden.  It’s been awhile since I went to high school but I don’t remember any girls looking like this in high school.  They say girls are more advance now so maybe she’s believable as a high school student.  Oh and her love interest is the 31 year old Matt Lanter.  I guess that’s good because if she actually kissed a high school aged boy I think she’d have to register every time she moves.

A common theme of this show will be the prejudice against the aliens.  This is the problem you have when 60 year old network execs are in charge.  Why are we supposed to hate them so much, it just doesn’t make any sense.  Oh, cause they are different from us.  I get it now.

The biggest problem I think all these teen shows have is that everyone knows being a teenager was perfected in the 80’s and they’ve been doing it wrong ever since.  Don’t you forget about me.

There’s no chance in hell I’ll be watching this show.  I do look forward to Midwest Mark’s reviews though.