The Sound of Music Live! How Wrong Was I?

sound of music liveIt is not often that I am wrong. When I am, I am big enough to admit it. I wrote about The Sound of Music live yesterday and said it would be both a disaster and a success. I was wrong about the first part. It was not a disaster at all. Head inside to read more about what I thought of The Sound of Music live.First let me start by telling you all a secret about me. I love musicals. There I said it. It feels so good to get that secret out in the open. I’m a sucker for them and I’m no longer ashamed to admit it.

One of the reasons I thought this show would be a disaster is because the original Sound of Music is such an iconic movie that to take it on would be a huge mistake. While I think Carrie Underwood is a good singer, I didn’t think she was up to taking on Julie Andrews. In that respect, I was right and I was wrong. Carrie is not a good actress. It was very rough watching her deliver lines and she did seem very uncomfortable doing so. When it came to her singing? That’s where she held her own. Not quite as good as Julie Andrews (she didn’t get to the high note that Andrews hits at the end of Do Re Mi), but certainly very good. I very much enjoyed her singing in this performance.

The other reason I thought this would be a disaster is because it was live. This was an enormous undertaking by NBC. Lots of very difficult singing along with choreography, costume changes, set changes, and all kinds of things that present countless opportunities for something to go wrong. Admittedly, I tuned in tonight to watch just for that. To see something go wrong. Guess what? Nothing did go wrong. I noticed one person who seemed to miss a line very late in the show (the German Admiral speaking to Cpt. Von Trapp) but it seemed like Stephen Moyer covered for it very well.

I am amazed that nothing went wrong during this show. No one messing up choreography, no one’s voice breaking, no issues at all. Given all the moving pieces of this performance, I’d have to say that NBC pulled off an incredible feat. I am impressed. I came to mock this show but they turned me around about 40 minutes in to the show and I can admit that I was wrong.

The best performance of the night was not by Carrie Underwood. Audra McDonald (Private Practice) absolutely killed Climb Every Mountain. Carrie Underwood was crying during the performance and remember, she’s not a good actress. Those tears were genuine I think in recognition of the performance she was witnessing, and live. I was blown away.

I was impressed by Laura Benati also. She was on one of my favorite shows, Go On, that got cancelled because none of you out there listened to us when we told you how awesome that show was. Her singing and acting were a both a bright spot in this show tonight. I am always amazed when we find out about other talents that actors and actresses have. It’s rare that someone makes it big in Hollywood without being a very talented person. Laura Benati had a very good night (she looked good too).

Stephen Moyer (True Blood) played the role of Captain Von Trapp tonight and did a respectable job. I think he may have tried to emulate Christopher Plummer’s performance a bit too much but overall, he wasn’t bad. Everyone watching Captain Von Trapp is waiting to see how he does when he performs Edelweiss and Moyer did a pretty good job with it. That is one of my favorite songs from the original Sound of Music. Moyer performed it well.

If there was something strange in the night I’d have to say it was in how NBC chose to deal with the um….Nazi issue. What I found curious was that they left out Hitler’s name. Look. Hitler was a bad dude. That is very true. But this is based on a true story and Hitler was real. If you noticed, whenever anyone gave the Nazi salute, they only said “heil” and not the “heil Hitler” that would have been the salute. Why leave Hitler’s name out? You had the swastika everywhere. That’s not bad? I just don’t get it. Very minor issue compared to how well everything else was done but just something that my overly OCD mind picks up on.

I was wrong about The Sound of Music Live. I can admit it. At this point, I’m happy to admit it because I was so impressed by the show. For those of you out there who know me for real in my real life, please enjoy this bit of crow that I am eating here. Those people know that I am never wrong.

Great job to NBC and the cast of The Sound of Music Live. We haven’t seen something so huge being attempted on TV in a long, long time. You pulled it off and won over this cynic and skeptic.