Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere

Last night was the long awaited Sons of Anarchy season 7 premiere and boy did that wait pay off. Before you go on, be warned, there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the premiere yet, you probably want to wait to read this until you have. If you did watch, have you recovered yet? Let’s get in to this.

It’s been 9 long months since the season 6 finale that saw Gemma murder Tara in a shocking and brutal ending to a crazy season. At the opening of season 7, Jax is in prison, presumably because he was found with two dead bodies, and Kurt Sutter wastes no time at all reminding us that the final season is going to be violent. Jax is beating a fellow prisoner mercilessly before he carves a swastika in to his stomach.  We find out that this violence is intended to get Jax a meeting with the head of the Aryan Nation (played by Marilyn Manson) to settle the beef that has been going between their two organizations.

What is very clear from the start of the season is that Jax has been pushed back in to the life of crime that he has spent the last several seasons trying to get away from. His plan to turn himself in and answer for his crimes is scrapped and it seems as though he is going to take the club back in the other direction, with a vengeance.

Jax begins dealings with the other gangs to begin undoing the work he had done to take SAMCRO legit (le-what?). Knowing that this is the final season we assume a couple of things. First we know that whatever decisions Jax makes will probably not be right and people will die violently, and we know that whatever he says he is doing there is probably an ulterior motive that we won’t find out about until later.  This I’m sure is the case with his new dealings. Add to Jax’s poor decision-making abilities the fact that Gemma is without a doubt the most evil person on this show, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Speaking of Gemma and disaster, we know that there will be a reckoning with her murder of Tara. We just don’t know when it’s going to happen. Gemma is doing her best to cover her tracks. In a move that we all know will prove disastrous, Gemma fingers a member of the Lin Triad as being responsible for murdering Gemma. Jax then tortures the ever loving crap out of him before killing him with a fork in the manner that Tara was murdered. Jax thinks he is taking revenge but he is really more than likely lighting the fire that will destroy SAMCRO in the end. It’s only the first episode, but I predict that the killing of this person will be the beginning of the end.

I have one problem with this episode and I’m wondering if anyone else saw it. Early in the show when Jax is still in prison, the rest of the gang goes to track down the driver of the purple car that killed several members. The Sons and their partners The Grim Bastards meet with the One-Niners to get information. First, did you notice the cameo? One of the Grim Bastards was none other than Theo Huxtable himself, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. That’s not my issue though. When the dude in the wheel chair would not answer questions and they dragged him behind Bobby’s bike, did you see the awful and obvious green screen scene? I don’t think they’ve ever done anything so obviously terrible on any season of this show. I don’t know why it was necessary here and why they felt it was necessary. It was quick and minor sure but when the rest of the show is so well done, why do this?

Anyway, we know things are not going to turn out well. Sutter has said that there will be no happy endings for this show so we all know to expect that. I’m sure we are all wondering now how things will start to fall apart and who is going to be alive at the end. It’s going to be a wild ride.

If you watched the premiere, be sure to comment on our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts. What are your predictions for the season? When will Gemma pay for her treachery? There is so much we need to have answered.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere