Sons of Anarchy Premiere Date Set!

soa-dwAs I sat down tonight to start re-re-re-re-watching PITCH BLACK ahead of the third film in the franchise (RIDDICK) being released in early September, I stumbled upon an exciting press release that heralds the return of awesome TV.

MIDWEST MO may or may not have just turned into a pumpkin by the mere notion of cinema invading a blog “exclusively” dedicated to television.  Even though one of the lead female roles in PITCH BLACK was played by RADHA MITCHELL who was incidentally the lead role in the short lived RED WIDOW series from this year on ABC.  Not to mention that the Imam role is played by KEITH DAVID who not only narrated the extremely popular THE BIBLE miniseries, but is also the voice of The Flame King on ADVENTURE TIME not to mention the voice of Goliath on the old (and incredible) animated series GARGOYLES.  So if the AROUND THE WEB segment is a little late tomorrow, now we know why.  Does anybody know how to un-pumpkin somebody?  We might need your help.

Mark your calendars:  SONS OF ANARCHY season 6 will officially premiere with a special 90 minute episode on Tuesday September 10th at 9:00 CST and continue to fill the Tuesday at 9:00pm (CST) timeslot on FX.

Seasons 4 and 5 were simply terrific, so I can’t wait to see where everything goes in season 6.  Especially this being the “penultimate” (even though I hate that word… why on earth don’t people just say “second to last”) season, so you know that it needs to get relatively crazy before the entire series ends with a bang.  All hail KURT SUTTER and SONS OF ANARCHY… it will be so nice to see you back in my living room soon.