Sons of Anarchy – J’ai Obtenu Cette

Sad day today, as the season 5 finale of SONS OF ANARCHY just ended.  Being the self-respecting man I am, I generally refuse to show emotion.  But between you and me, I am crying a little inside knowing that I need to wait approximately another 8-10 months for the opening bit to season 6.

The title of the episode is French and roughly translates to “I have to have (or obtain) that.”  Contrary to popular belief, it does not stand for “did that just freaking happen?!?” which I was saying quite a bit during the fantastic season finale.

Many questions were answered and many storylines were tied up, but lots of them are left hanging to perfectly set up the next season.  The first half was a doozy and the last half toned it down a bit to a satisfying conclusion.

So what happened?  Full recap and spoilers ahead…

Jax shows up to Damon Pope’s construction site and demands a deal where Jax hands over Tig only in exchange for assurances of kickbacks from the Charming Heights deal and subsidized housing for Opie’s family.  Pope agrees and sets a location out of town for the exchange.

Meanwhile, Tara is given complete clearance from her hand injury.  Wendy barges into Tara’s office and lets her know how Jax assaulted her the night before.  Tara admits to her that she is taking the kids and moving to Oregon for good.  Gemma finds out about the move when a care package from the new hospital is delivered to the club.  Gemma then goes to the hospital to confront Tara and threatens to falsely rat her out to the cops as an accomplice to murder.

The club helps Nero go and find Dante.  Excellent chase scene ensues.  Dante mistakenly jumps into a minivan with an angry pitbull who starts to tear him up while Nero blocks the door.  Life or death for Dante is uncertain.

DONAL LOGUE shows up to Otto’s re-testimony.  When the interrogator asks Otto his name, he sticks out his tongue and slams his head down on the table to bite it completely off and throw it at the window in a great crazy/wtf moment. This is both a blessing and a curse, since Otto now can’t pin Tara with anything, but at the same time can’t  necessarily recant his testimony.

Jax pulls Tig away from the clubhouse to deliver him to Pope to make good on the deal-with-the-devil he forged earlier in the season.  Pope ties up Tig and takes him into his warehouse to kill him.  The look of pure betrayal was perfectly acted by KIM COATES.  Jax sneaks over to his bike and grabs Clay’s silenced pistol out of the saddlebag which he then uses to kill Pope’s entire crew before holding Pope at gunpoint, freeing Tig and handing him the weapon.  Tig pops Pope twice in the head before completely breaking down on Jax’s shoulder.  Absolutely incredible.  Probably the strongest scene in the entire season so far.  At least 10 ‘holy shits’ between me and my wife.  Jax calls in the shooting to Roosevelt and leaves Clay’s gun for him to find in order to pin the whole thing on Clay.

Roosevelt shows up at Clay’s house to arrest him, and Clay realizes that Juice screwed him by turning over his gun to Jax.  Gemma adds insult to injury by not backing him up on the alibi.  Clay is led away in cuffs betrayed by his two closest confidants.

Jax zips right over to meet Pope’s number two August Marks to forge a new business relationship.  Marks is skeptical of the situation, but immediately puts a hit out on Clay to kill him before his hearing.

Soon afterwards, Bobby confronts Jax in the clubhouse:  “You had the chance to be different”  / “Maybe I’m not so different”.

Tara breaks the news to Jax that she took the job in Oregon and she leaves in two weeks.  She tries to appeal to him that if he loves her and the boys that he would follow them.  Roosevelt interrupts with a knock on the door and a warrant for Tara’s arrest on conspiracy to murder.  Gemma must have called after all.  Or was it Toric?

Set perfectly to a redux of “Sympathy for the Devil”, Bobby cuts off his VP patch and leaves.  Clay is seen being carted off to prison flanked by two angry black men.  Nero sits on the side of his bed with a sawed-off laying on the nightstand.  Gemma gets over to Jax’s house just in time to see the cops drive off with Tara.  Obviously, Jax doesn’t yet realize that Gemma could potentially be the one who orchestrated the charges on Tara.  And curtain call.

My only disappointment is that nothing else happened with DONAL LOGUE’S character Lee Toric.  Being armed as he was last episode, I fully expected him to stage a full-on assault of the clubhouse.  In a way I’m glad that didn’t happen, because it surely would have meant Toric’s demise and Donal Logue is a fantastic fit on the show rivaled this season only by JIMMY SMITS (as far as guest stars are concerned).

I also fully expected another Son to die and was pretty surprised that Juice was let off the hook as he was.  I never expected it to be Tiggy (although I definitely didn’t expect the turn on Pope), and Jax/Clay are obviously not going anywhere.  Personally I thought Bobby was going to get caught in Toric’s homicidal rampage, but KURT SUTTER must be painting his masterpiece with a larger brush here.

A great end to a great season.  4.9/5 only because I’m pissed it’s over so soon.



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  1. Midwest Mike // December 5, 2012 at 12:43 am //

    Just a brilliant episode and a brilliant season. I can’t believe how Sutter tied up some of these story lines. I couldn’t believe how Jax handled the Tig situation and Pope. What a shock. Does this mean that he has forgiven Tig?

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