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FX’s absolute freight train of a show called SONS OF ANARCHY continues to roll on strong this week with yet another outstanding 90 minute biker gang marathon.  Advancing the story right up to the edge of pure craziness, it perfectly sets up next week’s season finale which promises to be one hell of a roller coaster ride to end this monster of a season.

Full episode recap within:

Clay comes about as clean as Clay is capable of in explaining his desire to unseat Jax from the club presidency.  The club officially votes to strip him of his patch and kick him out.  On vote of killing Clay, the club was almost unanimous except for Bobby who was the only nay.  This sends Jax into a mini-rage that he takes out with his fists on Clay’s face.  Bobby explains to Jax that he voted no because he doesn’t want to see him go down that path, but it looks like Jax might hold that grudge for a while.

Pope decides to flex his muscle now that Clay is out of the picture and calls in the agreement for Jax to deliver Tig.  Meanwhile, Tara buries the hatchet with Wendy and wants her to take care of the kids in case anything happens to her or Jax.  She then puts her on the list to visit Abel in daycare.

The cartel needs one more shipment of RPG’s from the Irish before they take the deal from the Chinese.  Jax meets with Galen and gets ambushed by the Cartel who (after a firefight) takes both the money and the guns.  Galen directly blames Jax for the assault and vows to hurt the Sons both here and overseas.

Add DAVE NAVARRO to the list of random guest stars…  He appears as Nero’s cousin, and wasn’t quite as awkward as one would imagine Dave Navarro’s acting to be.  Granted he was only in the episode for about 2 minutes… maybe he’ll play a bigger role next season.

One of the Irish kidnap Wendy from the parking lot of the hospital and demand recompense from the club or they kill her.  Nero fronts the money which is delivered by Tig and Clay, and Clay tells Gaylan of his plans on going independent and taking up all the gun business that the Sons give up.  Wendy goes off the rails after the kidnapping and threatens to report Abel’s kidnapping as child abuse to the authorities.

Lee Toric (DONAL LOGUE) ends up being the murdered nurse’s brother as well as a retired US Marshall.  He confronts Tara in her office for answers on the murder and threatens to charge her with conspiracy to murder.

In an excellent final sequence, the club blacks out Clay’s reaper tattoos to finalize his departure.  Quick flash then shows Toric in his hotel room armed to the teeth.  Is he going to go after the Sons for revenge?  We shall find out soon.  Jax leaves the tattooing to drive over to Wendy’s apartment, where he shoves her up against the wall and shoots her up with drugs so that any allegations she makes about Abel could be contested.  “Just keeping my life beautiful…”

CHARLIE HUNNAM and RON PEARLMAN were both fantastic in this episode, showing that their characters can be equal parts brutal, vulnerable and backstabbing.  It will be interesting to see just how far Jax is willing to go in what he believes is the right way to pull the club together.  My guess is that he ends up making things worse.

Next week is the season finale.  Sad face.  Between the end of episode setups and the previews, it’s bound to be a doozy.  The Sons are threatened not only by a now-half-botched Cartel deal, but now by the Irish, the Toric character and Clay’s newly-forming organization.  Jax has cut himself off from his mother, Clay, Bobby, Juice and soon-to-be Tig, so is awfully short on friends minus Nero who is one Gemma+Clay away from losing it himself.  With the club on the verge of collapse and vulnerabilities appearing from every angle, how is this all going to end?

Guaranteed on a cliffhanger.

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  1. Looking forward to the rest of this show. First episode in and already I want to start smoking. They’ve set up some interesting character arcs too. The cast is fantastic. Charlie Hunam and Ron Perlman are an excellent duo. They’ve lain the groundwork for an amazing series. This being the first episode you can already see how the pieces are positioned on theboard . The game begins (it has been going on for five seasons which I am aware).

    • Midwest Mark // December 4, 2012 at 11:21 pm //

      Hey Geeto, thanks for stopping by. You will have a lot to love as you catch up on the series. The finale tonight was fantastic and this season taken as a whole is certainly the best so far.

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