Sons of Anarchy – Crucifixed recap

Better title:  I’m Gonna Shank you in the Neck with Jesus

Inevitably, MIDWEST MIKE will double-post SONS OF ANARCHY goodness with me tonight, so I don’t want to step on his toes too much.

In the first of two 90-minute Sons of Anarchy specials, Jax decides to not kill Juice and use him for leverage against Clay instead.  The Sons hunt down Randy Hightower (the one who killed Opie in prison) and Chibs shoots him in the back of the head in front of his cousin.  Doing so singlehandedly destroyed the brotherhood between the Sons and the Bastards.

Meanwhile, Tara continues to work on Otto to reverse his RICO testimony.  Otto agrees to recant as long as Tara finds a crucifix he owned.  Tara brings it to him later that day, only to have him brutally stab a nurse to death effectively linking Tara to the murder.

And Gemma hooks back up with Clay.  Gross.

On a side note, Chibs has firmly planted himself as my favorite character in SOA.  Even though I can’t understand a damn thing he says, he plays a fantastic character.  The scene with him gunning down Hightower was one of the best in the episode.

Great episode.  4.5/5, and don’t miss next week’s 90 minute episode either!