Sons of Anarchy

What a great episode tonight.  Who didn’t feel terrible for Otto (did you know BTW that Otto is played by the shows creator and show runner Kurt Sutter?  Now you know)?  I’m sure that like me, you were thinking that all that time he was going to really hurt Tara but instead we saw that he is just a completely broken man that has lost everything.  I’d bet that he recants his story which will clear the club of the RICO case.  If that happens, the Feds won’t have any reason to keep him alive so they will probably allow him his wish of an early execution date.

How about Juice?  What will happen with him?  Here’s my guess, Jax is pissed and he will at first want to kill Juice for ratting but then Juice is going to tell him what he knows about Clay.  Jax won’t be able to kill Juice then because he will need him to tell the club what he knows about Clay.  Jax will again be hamstrung in his attempts to get rid of Clay.

What can I say about Jimmy Smits?  There isn’t enough I can say about his performance this season.  He has brought a calm-professionalism to the cast and his character, despite being a pimp, is turning out to be the conscience of Jax and Gemma.  I’m hoping that Gemma is working on finding a way to get Jax and Tara what they want while still maintaining a relationship with Nero.  I think he can be the one that helps Jax figure out a way to get out of the MC life.

We are closing in on the end of the season and we know that Sutter will have something big in store for the 2 hour finale.  I’m dying to find out what it is.