Sons of Anarchy – Season 6 Premiere Review

Sons-of-Anarchy-Season-6-Cast-Promotional-Photo-sons-of-anarchy-35361642-1024-683So I’m every bit as tired as last night, but equally as tired of being heckled by MIDWEST MILLER for not ponying up on my review last night.  Always being a method to my madness, there are two nuggets of knowledge that I can come up with today that wouldn’t have been there yesterday which make this post even better than it ever would have been.  So ha.

Thusly, I would like to first wish MIDWEST MILLER a happy birthday.  Another year older, a little bit wiser (from faithfully reading MWTVG, no doubt) and chest hair a quarter inch longer.  Pretty soon you can just freely wander with woodland creatures and nobody would think the wiser.

Second, and much more pertinent to the topic at hand, the season 6 premiere of SONS OF ANARCHY officially hit the series high for ratings at 5.87 million viewers making it the number 1 cable television show among 18-49 year olds.  That’s a whopping half-mil more than last year’s premiere!  Things are looking good for KURT SUTTER and the boys in our favorite MC.

So was the premiere worth all the hoopla?  Head inside to find out!

The short answer is yes.  Not only was there a little something for everyone as far as story went, but it picked right back up with the intensity that the previous season ended on.  The episode, titled “Straw” was written by Sutter himself and dealt with some distinctly ‘Sutter-esque’ (read: hyper-controversial) themes.



I’m going to attempt to minimize the spoilers, but be aware that there are still alot of ’em.

First, let’s tackle the character of Lee Toric.  Dude’s a psychopath with an axe to grind.  He grinds this axe in two ways: pimping out Otto’s b-hole to a long string of unhappy convicts and making sure to turn Clay and Tara against the club as much as he can.  Oh, and did I mention that he’s a heroin addict?  Not sure I appreciated his little nakey-dance in front of the mirror while hopped up on said drugs, but it is what it is.  DONAL LOGUE is still awesome, man-ass and all.

KIM COATES was also standout in this episode, especially when he snapped on the torture porn producer and drowned him in a bathtub full of piss.  Bear in mind that the season essentially starts right after the last one ended, so Tig still has massive issues stemming from the death of his daughter at the hands of Pope.  August Marks is still thirsty for revenge and wants Jax to deliver Tig, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out especially after everything Jax went through to save his life.



I love how JIMMY SMITS is more prominent now, but I’m not so convinced about DAVE NAVARRO.  He’s a little bit awkward and out of place.  And by a “little bit awkward” think John Merrick speed dating.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon although I wouldn’t have minded a stray bullet in the episode’s shootout taking care of him (or perhaps his character getting run over by a Harley.  Or two.  Or four.)

And yes, Jax bangs KIM DICKINS (aka the new whorehouse madam) who is all-too-reminiscent of Ava Crowder from JUSTIFIED but did have a great line nonetheless… “I listen almost as good as I suck ****”.  It got a laugh out of me (and an eye roll from my wife) for sure.  Speaking of my wife, she is now adamantly against the show now that Jax cheated on Tara with a whore while Tara is sitting in jail.  In Jax’s defense, I explained to her that Tara shouldn’t have been such a damn stubborn woman as to not even care to see her husband when he is so concerned about her.  But in Tara’s defense, she has only been in jail for a day or two.  I guess my only explanation is that men tend to work in mysterious ways.  I’m not sure she followed me on that one.

Now for the school shooting scene.  All the headlines (at least the non-Syria headlines) say some derivative of “did SoA go to far???”  To which I would tell the writer to s-t-f-u, because (although brutal), it was done more tastefully than I thought it would have been.  It was interesting to note the kid looked alot like Jax, probably even acted alot like Jax when Jax was a kid.  There was even the ten second blip where the kid and Jax locked eyes, you could tell that Jax knew something was wrong, but he didn’t quite get the opportunity to acknowledge it.

All of this might seem fluffy to the story and merely added for the shock value, but that scene looks like it’s going to be a pivotal sea change for a bunch of things.  According to the previews for the season, the gun used by the kid is one that was sold by the Sons, therefore Jax and company find themselves responsible for the tragedy.  It looks like this sets off one giant sh*tstorm when they try and remove themselves from the gunrunning business.  Like I always say, you can’t run a club on whores and porn alone.  Wait, that’s MIDWEST MO’S line?  He’s just jealous that he’s not a platinum member of the Whores and Porn Club like the rest of us.

Enough about the WaPC, I’ve said too much already.

But seriously, FromEngland… your dues are two months late.  I know Royal Airmail is more reliable than that.  And don’t forget next month’s WaPC meeting at the Downers Grove Knights of Columbus hall… I’m bringing cake!  If MIDWEST MO catches on, that’s when you disavow all knowledge and take the cyanide pill.  WaPC for life.



MIDWEST MIKE brought up a solid point last night about the music being implemented so well that it’s almost like an entirely separate actor in and of itself.  SONS OF ANARCHY has always been solid in the soundtrack department, but never has there been such a strong sense of this than last night.  For the record, the montage at the end was to “Come Healing” by Leonard Cohen (which ironically puts Jax banging Kim Dickens in a whole new light).

And I’m totally digging the 90 minutes at a time/every time format we have going on this year.  Although a show like this can be on for 900 minutes at a time and it still wouldn’t feel quite long enough.

My only single problem that I had (besides DAVE NAVARRO douching up the screen) was a similar issue I started getting at the end of last season.  These folks take themselves waaaaay too seriously.  If Jax said that his table was in pieces one more time, it would almost have been laughable.  I hope that feeling doesn’t linger too long, because I genuinely love this show.  But after six years of Jax wanting to get his kids in a safer place, just take your freaking kids to Oregon already and leave all this silly business behind.

Solid “A” for the premiere.

And by the way, Juice gets the snot beat out of him for all the BS he pulled last season.  So let’s up that to an A+.

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  1. This show is incredible! I don’t know if I can keep watching it though because it is so tense every week it makes my stomach hurt.

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