No Sons of Anarchy Marathon

sons of anarchyWe are getting quite a bit of traffic from people who are wondering if FX is going to run a Sons of Anarchy season 5 marathon prior to the premiere of season 6 on Tuesday.  Bad news folks. There will be no marathon.

Gone are they days when networks run their shows like that.  It used to be great when a network would run the previous season in a marathon just before the new season premiere.  It would help fans get caught back up again so they can remember where everything left off at the end of the last season.  Since seasons are so short these days and the time off in between seasons is so long, it would be a great idea for networks to continue that practice.

You can forget about it though.  With DVD deals and deals with Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and so on, networks are very careful about how they air previous seasons of the shows they are hoping to sell off for syndication in other places.  The more popular the show, the less likely you are going to be able to find it in easy places.

So fans of SAMCRO, there will be no Sons of Anarchy marathon to help you get caught back up before season 6.  The best you can do right now is download episodes on iTunes (not for free) or buy season 5 on Amazon.

The long summer of darkness is nearly over though Sons fans.  Season 6 premieres on FX on Tuesday September 10 at 9:00.  It’s going to be a wild ride.