Sons of Anarchy Happy Ending? Don’t Count on It

kurt sutterTomorrow night is the finale of season 6 of Sons of Anarchy which has been, as promised by creator Kurt Sutter, especially brutal. How do you put a cap on a brilliant a brutal season? Sutter has hinted that there could possibly be a Sons of Anarchy happy ending. Do you believe that?

Fans of Sons of Anarchy know what’s been going on this season. We have had some pretty big issues dealt with (Clay anyone?) and as always, there are still big questions hanging over the heads of the MC. What is going to happen with the prosecutor? What will happen with Tara taking off with the kids? Will the MC get out of guns? What is Nero going to do? So many questions. Sutter had this to say about the finale on Twitter:

sutter tweet


If you have followed Sutter on Twitter you know that he always says exactly what he is thinking. You don’t ever have to wonder with him where he stands. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t above twisting his fans a bit. That is what I am sure he is doing here. He is setting fans up to think that there is going to be something happy only to have those beliefs come crashing down on them. Well that is unless of course you are like Sutter and you smile at murder and mayhem, in that case then, I think you stand a pretty good chance indeed of smiling at the finale of Sons of Anarchy.

What say all of you? How do you think the finale is going to play out? Will Tara get away? How is Nero going to deal with Jax? There is so much to be dealt with in the finale. What do you think is going to happen?

The two hour finale of Sons of Anarchy season 6 airs tomorrow night on FX starting at 9:00.