Son of Zorn Premier

I was watching the Bears game yesterday with a neighborhood proximity associate of mine and he kind of called us out on our lack of original content recently.  I explained to him how big time the MWTVG writers are at their day jobs and he wasn’t impressed.  He said anyone could learn to make coffee get off your high horse Midwest Mo and write something new.  Fine.

The Son of Zorn premier was last night on Fox after the football games and although all the commercials made me think this would be a trainwreck of a show but i powered thought and gave it a watch.  I feel I must apologize to trainwrecks as that would be insulting to them and the people hurt by them.

This show was more like the Hindenburg disaster in that nobody thought it was a good idea to fill a blimp with explosive gasses and fly it over populated areas.  Similarly, who could have thought that a half cartoon half real people show was a good idea.  It’s probably the same people who thought a talking guy in a dog suit was funny (Wilfred).

This was just the pilot episode and of the 22 minutes I could only make it through 10-12 of those so maybe the last 8 minutes is where the real magic happened.  To be fair, we don’t like to judge shows on the premiers as shows can evolve and get better.  Life in Pieces is a good example of a show with a terrible pilot but that became fantastic.

Here’s the official trailer if you feel you need to know more about the show.  I will give it at least 4 episodes, that is if they make it to 4 episodes.