Something to Watch

It isn’t often that you will find anyone from America recommending anything on BBC America, but I’ve got a show for you that you should be watching.

COPPER, BBC America’s first show produced in America for American audiences, is a crime drama set in 1864 New York City.  Produced by Tom Fontana (OZ, HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET), we follow Det. Kevin Corcoran (played by British actor Tom Weston-Jones) who is a Civil War veteran working as one of the first Detectives in the NYPD.  Being that it is produced by Tom Fontana makes this something worth checking out because the guy knows how to do police dramas.

Give this series originality points for doing a period piece police drama.  The sets and costumes are well-done and look very realistic.  The writing is good and the crimes Det. Corcoran and his side-kicks work to solve are interesting in that we see how a crime might have been solved in 1864 without all the CSI tools we have today.

I take away some points for Fontana and the BBC going stereotypical with the Irish cop bit.  All of the cops in the NYPD seem to be Irish which shows a lack of historical accuracy from the writers.  Sure there are tons of Irish cops in NYC today, but that wasn’t the case in 1864.  The Irish were coming off the boats and going right to the front lines in the Civil War.  They were not becoming police Detectives.

All in all, I’d say that you should at least put this show in your DVR and catch it when you have time.  I hope the BBC gives this show some time because I think they might have something here.  Check it out.