SNL’s Stefon

snl stefonUpdate: Bill Hader announced today that he is leaving SNL. 

One of the most popular characters on SNL in recent memory has been Bill Hader’s character Stefon: The New York City Correspondent.  Brilliantly portrayed by one of SNL’s brightest stars, Bill Hader, the character of Stefon is wildly popular.  What makes Stefon so popular?  It’s the fact that Hader can’t stay in character when he plays Stefon.  In every appearance, Hader breaks character and it is awesome.

Have you ever wondered why Hader has been unable to ever keep in character for Stefon?  Well, his writing partner, comedian John Mulaney, tells Conan in the following clip what he does to keep messing up Hader to keep him on his toes and unable to defend against the humor:


I love when we learn things behind the scenes of SNL.  I love the process of the show and hearing how the people who write the skits come up with their material.  We are always reminded that there are some funny people out there.

Here is some of the best of one of my favorite characters on SNL, Stefon: