SNL With Louis CK – Mo’s Musings

SNL With Louis CKLast night was SNL with Louis CK hosting.  I used to write a segment where I just kind of spewed out thought stream of consciousness style.  Again when our site got huge I went away from that, but I’m bringing it back.  So here are some of my thoughts on last nights show.

Overall, the show was fine, not spectacular but not horrible.  My favorite segment was Black Jeopardy.  Kenan Thompson is just funny and this was a nice shot at regular Jeopardy.  Here’s a link to a clip.

I’m a little peeved at one of the commercials that aired during the show.

SNL With Louis CK Clip

For any of you who regularly watch the show you know they do short clips from time to time.  So as this commercial began, I thought it might be one of those clips.  Thirty seconds in I keep waiting for the punch line that never comes.

Way to sell-out SNL.  You took something that I enjoy about the show and commercialized it.  I hope it was worth whatever revenue you made as it really irked me to the point of wanting to take a break from your show.

Coling Jost SNL AnchorAlso, what’s the deal with Colin Jost co-anchoring the news with Cecily Strong?  Seth Meyers didn’t need a co-anchor and I don’t think she does either.  Colin looks so young.  My problem with young guys is they are kind of like most female comics – not funny.  Maybe it’s that he’s a Harvard grad or that he uses so much product in his hair, I don’t like him.

So that’s my thoughts on SNL last night.  This has been another awful segment of Mo’s Musings.