Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield, oh my!

1368616603_1368613800_Agents_of_SHIELD_stills_02My master plan of a big SLEEPY HOLLOW article fell victim to the Great Blog Blackout of 2013 last week when I was wrongfully denied posting access for almost two whole weeks.  Some wounds cut deep and take time to heal, but I’m almost completely over it.  MWTVG without MIDWEST MARK is like having apple pie without apples.  You might still have the whipped topping and the flakey crust (not saying which one of MO and MIKE are which), but it can’t be all tied together without that sweet delicious filling.

Now that half of you are nauseous and the other half of you will never visit our site again, let’s get to the important stuff.

After concluding tonight’s episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD, I noticed that SLEEPY HOLLOW and AGENTS OF SHIELD share some similar qualities.  Both of them aspire to greatness, both of them are based on a rich backstory from cinema, both of them are extremely popular in the ratings, and both of them march awkwardly to the beat of unfortunate mediocrity.

I am proud to say that I finally made it through an entire episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW on the third go-around without completely losing interest (last week) or falling asleep (the week before).  This is an extremely strange show.  The story is kind of cool linking the headless horseman to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but the fact that Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) tries too hard and Nicole Beharie (Lt. Mills) doesn’t try at all makes it an awkward watch.  Add in the most generic time travel humor possible (did they just make a Starbucks joke after a ‘slavery is now illegal’ joke?!?) and it only adds to the pain.

8-sleepy-hollowThe other thing that drives me nuts about this show is that the Sleepy Hollow Public Library clearly doesn’t stock any classic literature, because Ichabod Crane introduces himself to everybody and not one person has recognized his name.  Personally, I would rather revisit the first six seasons of SUPERNATURAL for the umpteenth time seeing as it’s almost identical subject matter, only a far superior show.

As decent as MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD was last week, this week’s episode confirmed my suspicions… CLARK GREGG doesn’t have the chops to be a leading man.  Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the guy in the movies.  But he’s good in small doses, not for an hour at a time.  With the exception of BRETT DALTON and CHLOE BENNET, the rest of the actors could be replaced by inflatable sheep and none would be the wiser.  It’s almost like they string the viewers along with occasional mentions of Tony Stark/Thor/Captain America/etc, and outright bribe them with a full 45 seconds of SAMUEL L JACKSON reprising his role of Nick Fury at the end of tonight’s episode.  Almost everything else inbetween is ho-hummery.

Thankfully SONS OF ANARCHY is rockin’ so far this season and AMERICAN HORROR STORY/SUPERNATURAL come back next week.  THE WALKING DEAD won’t be too much further behind.  So I won’t be suffering for long.  In the meanwhile, does anybody else see something in these shows that I don’t?  Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Midwest Mike // October 1, 2013 at 11:01 pm //

    Sleepy Hollow had a decent start. The premise is there. The writing though just isn’t strong. Ichabod wakes up after 200+ years and he doesn’t seem to have many issues adjusting to the times. The time travel jokes are weak. I’m waiting for them to make a joke about Reagan the actor being President.

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