Sirens – A New USA Sitcom

Sirens New USA SitcomI love all things sitcom.  I watch almost all of them whether they be good (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) or bad (2 Broke Girls).  They come and go so fast it seems that I hate to get too excited about the new ones because even if I like them the networks may still cancel them (Go On or Ben & Kate).

Still I find myself excited for Sirens – A New USA Sitcom.  It’s being brought to us by executive producer Dennis Leary.  Sirens follows three of Chicago’s best EMTs whose self-righteous and self-destructive personalities make them unqualified for sustaining relationships, friendships and most occupations. They are, however, uniquely qualified for saving anyone who winds up in their ambulance.

“Sirens” is edgy by design, as USA Network exec Chris McCumber said they were careful not to water-down Leary’s distinct brand of comedy.  We’ll see if how much range they actually allow Dennis Leary with this show.

Sirens – A New USA Sitcom


What I think will give the show a chance are the three actors cast in the lead.

Michael Mosley From SirensMichael Mosley, a Midwesterner from Iowa he’s been in numerous shows over the years.  I remember him as one of the new doctors on Scrubs but looking at his IMDB credits you get a sense that he’s been around for some time.  I believe this will be his first lead actor role and we’ll see if he’s ready.




Kevin Daniels from SirensYou may or may not recognize Kevin Daniels from Modern Family.  On the show he plays Longinus a friend of Mitchell and Cam.  He too has made several appearances in other shows from Chuck to Castle.  I also think this is his first leading role.



Kevin Bigley from SirensKevin Bigley seems to be the newcomer.  He has some appearances on shows like Bones or Melissa & Joey, but it’s not a long list of credits.  He kind of reminds me of Michael Grant Terry who plays Wendell on Bones.  I swear they could be brothers.



The show doesn’t start for another month, but I’m just starting to see some advertisements for it now.  I’m setting it to record on my DVR and think you should as well.




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  1. Midwest Mike // February 10, 2014 at 1:32 pm //

    Michael Mosley wasn’t a drug addict on Scrubs. He was one of the new cast of doctors added at the end.

  2. It’s strange that they are pushing this as a Dennis Leary project linking it to Rescue Me. This is a sitcom right?

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