Showtime’s Ray Donovan – Premieres Soon!

lievCongratulations to me… I was entirely unaware that RAY DONOVAN even existed until a little earlier today.  SHOWTIME’S new series premieres on June 30th, featuring LIEV SCHREIBER in his first starring role in a recurring television series.  Based on the trailers, this show looks great.  Schreiber stars as a professional “fix man” to the rich and famous in Hollywood.  By “fix man” I mean “dead hooker disposal”.  And hilarity ensues.

Also featuring JON VOIGHT as the titular character’s estranged father, there is a great amount of star power that hopefully the script can match.  It was all slightly reminiscent of JUSTIFIED except set in Hollywood, the lead character is not a US Marshal and prominent usage of the F word.  So perhaps nothing like JUSTIFIED at all.

Consider it added to my DVR.  Might I recommend that you do so too?

Now a trailer for your enjoyment: