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We talk often here at MWTVG about discussing shows the ladies like because we feel that sometimes, we are only talking about shows that we, MWTVGs like.  I’ve been waiting to discuss this show, LOVE IT OR LIST IT, for quite awhile now.  It’s one of those shows that it seems whenever I walk into the house it’s on.  Here’s a pretty funny clip that sets up the show pretty well (p.s. here is a link to the video on You Tube, check out the comments for fun)

Did you watch it?  So every show follows the same basic premise – one person wants to leave and one wants to stay and at the end the couple will decide.  Oh, did I mention the actual show is 1 hour long.  It’s OK because it only feels like it’s 4 hours long.

To start, both the designer and the real estate agent meet with the couple to discover what their “Must Haves” are to get them to stay or leave.  From there, best I can tell, they both seem to ignore what the couple literally just told them and do something else.  Oh, you wanted a pool, well this home has a bath tub, which you could pretend is a pool right?

So over the course of the show, the couple will see three houses. It’s not set up that way, but it’s always what happens.  What I mean is that as they go into the first house, the couple believes that the professional real estate agent has listened to their hopes and dreams and has worked tirelessly to find a suitable home.

If the couple “loved” the first home, the show would just be called “List It” and we know that is not the case.  No, the first home is always a disaster.  “I thought I was pretty clear that I wanted a roof” the couple might say.  The agent responds, “This is a contemporary home with an open roof concept that I thought you would love.”  The couple stands their shaking their head mumbling that maybe they should have tried out for AMAZING RACE instead.

It’s not all fun and games over at the remodel either.  Best I can tell, they only pick homes that are at least 70 years old and that are borderline death traps.  The couple will say, “We’d like to add a bedroom, upgrade the kitchen, maybe expand the family room, and finish the basement.”  The agent will say, “That’s all great, what’s your budget?”

Look, I’m a guy and admittedly I have no idea of what things cost.  I assume a good couch is $400 and a nice dress shouldn’t really cost more than $100.  But even I know that when you use words like “add” or “expand” or “kitchen” it’s going to cost more then the couple is about to say they want to spend.  “We’d basically like you to make this house less death trappy for $30,000” proclaims the couple, and the designer begins her work.

About 12 minutes into the remodel, the design team finds an issue that, if you’ve been paying attention, only happens to 70 year old houses.  “See right there?  That’s a problem,” says the builder.  “This house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and is now a portal to another dimension.”  The designer will ask, “Can you fix it?”

In a normal world, the answer would be no I cannot unless you want to adjust your ridiculous budget.  “We thought the budget was fair,” says the couple as they now get mad at the designer for not being able to fix the worm hole for free.

As this post has already gone on longer than the actual show, I feel the need to wrap it up.  The show always concludes with the couple facing a tough decision – Love It Or List It.  By that time, I generally can’t stand anyone on the show and yet I still have so much time invested, I find myself needing to know the answer.

LOVE IT OR LIST IT airs on HGTV Mondays at 8pm.

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  1. MWTVG,

    Great review of the show! It’s the most ridiculous show, but it’s so addictive as well because you want to see if they LOVE it or List it. The best way to watch it is to DVR it so you can fast forward through all the repeated scenes of the beginning of the project, which gets repeated at least 100 times. It’s so unfair that the couple will consider a house that’s $100k over their budget but won’t spend a dime more then the original budget for the rehab. We feel that often the couple are using the designer’s services so they can up the value of their home so they can actually sell the death trap that they’ve been living in…

  2. cindy lane // January 28, 2013 at 5:59 pm //

    do you do any home in missouri I live in gladstone missouri and would love to do this to my house

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