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In our continuing effort to reach out to 50.5% of the population, I have taken it upon myself to continually discuss shows that we here at MWTVG are not watching.  From what we get in our inbox form our 3 female fans it appears there is another show to discuss:

SAY YES TO THE DRESS (to our male fans, do not watch this clip, it will burn your eyes).

The point of the show is that somebody is getting married and we are now going to get to watch them pick out their wedding dress.  So this of course got me thinking about whether there is any event in a guys life where we would get our closest friends together along with our dads to go shopping for something.  So to the would be producers out there, here are some potential gems:

Say Yes To The Jeans
Join us as we follow guys making their most important fashion decision – which jeans to buy.  In this weeks episode we follow Bruce who needs new jeans for a big party this weekend.  Bruce wants to buy a size 36 waist but all his friends and family know he is a size 38.  Will the minimum wage workers at the Gap be able to make everyone happy?

Marathon Guy Shopping
What happens when you take a bunch of guys and you make them shop for clothes longer then one hour?  Tune in this week as we follow Justin and his friends looking for pants and shoes.  The first hour is fine, but tensions rise as the shopping continues with no TV or alcohol anywhere in sight and old people are sitting on all the benches.

Last Minute Shopping For Guys
Today is a special day and you haven’t bought her anything yet.  In this weeks episode Ethan has completely forgotten about his anniversary.  With precious little time before she finds out, Ethan assembles the troops and heads out to the local Walgreen’s looking for that special something that let’s her know how much he cares.

I know I didn’t actually cover the show.  What do you want from me, I’m a guy and I got distracted.

3 Comments on Shows The Ladies Like

  1. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the staff at MWTVG when I say we welcome all nit picky suggestions. We don’t get enough of them at home and quite frankly, how else are we going to learn.

    A caveat, you don’t want to make us too good, what happens if we leave you? All that work you put into us down the drain. I know it’s a fine line to walk.

  2. Midwest Melissa // October 29, 2012 at 1:48 pm //

    (disclaimer on the several typos in above post. Particularly the misuse of “your” instead of “you’re”. I’m watching a Real Housewives marathon, which naturally drops my intelligence by several points…)

  3. Midwest Melissa // October 29, 2012 at 1:45 pm //

    Ok, ok…I admit it…I’m a chick and I watch Say Yes to the Dress. Now, you must know that personally I actually have zero interest in an expensive wedding dress or fancy wedding (and I’m not just saying that to lure in unsuspecting men before I lay all my hidden crazy on them), but I do find the wedding industry, buying behavior and bridal/family psychology on display to be fascinating, if not ultimately frustrating. Apparently, we chicks like to be frustrated by our television. I’m not sure why, but if you look at all the chick shows, they seem to all share this attribute. Perhaps, Ii gives us the opportunity to judge others and somehow feel better while still being massively insecure. It’s what ladies do…and they’ve perfected it to s sport-like level. Respect the disrespect, yo.

    However, I would also love to watch the 3 shows you propose. I’d change the first one to Johnny Get Your Jeans. I’m a woman, after all, so I have to made a nit-picky suggestion for improvement. By the way…I think you need new jeans. The ones your wearing are SO 2008. 😉

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