sharknadoSyFy has always been the place to go when you want to see high quality science fiction TV (they are so bad that IMDB actually has a page dedicated to how bad their movies are) and now they are raising the bar.  Sharknado will premiere on SyFy July 11 at 8:00.

Are you not sure what Sharknado is about?  I can understand that.  SyFy is always very tricky with their titles.  Ok here’s the premise.  There is a big tornado that strikes and this tornado has sucked up a bunch of sharks right out of the ocean and is raining down sharks and terror all over the town.  Seriously.  That is the premise.  Their tag line for this show is “Sharks.  Tornado.  Sharknado.  Nuff said.”

There are sharks and tornados and yes those things are great but want to know whats even greater?  Sharknado stars Tera Reid and Ian Ziering.  No way am I going to miss this.

You can go visit the SyFy channel to view the trailer and you need to.  You have to know what’s going on when you watch Sharknado when it airs on July 11.  Don’t sit there and pretend that you are not going to be watching this.