Shake Up At Community

There are reports of a shake up at COMMUNITY.  Chevy Chase, who plays curmudgeon Pierce Hawthorne, has apparently left the show before the 4th season has finished filming. Chase has never liked being on the show and has slammed the show repeatedly in the press.  The last straw has apparently been broken and Chase has left the show.

What does this mean for fans?  Probably not too much.  He filmed most of the episodes for the upcoming season and in all honesty, the next season will probably be it’s last.  NBC is doing everything they can to kill this show and actors beginning to exit the show, for whatever reason, is not a good sign.  If the show was going to last, Chase would have probably stuck around this “mediocre sit-com” (his words).

COMMUNITY will not be back on NBC until February.  It is set to premiere on February 7 at 7pm on NBC.