Sex Sent Me To The ER

Sex Sent Me To The ERTLC continues its seemingly never ending downward quest to find the bottom of the barrel with Sex Sent Me To The ERThis is really a show people.

I’m old enough to remember a time when TLC meant The Learning Channel.  It now appears that at some point in time the network was secretly purchased by Jerry Springer.  While I have no actual proof of this, it’s the only rational explanation for how this and their many other shows get on the air.

Sex Sent Me To The ER ran it’s 3rd episode on January 11th.  I know there’s another episode scheduled for next week but I don’t know whether there will be a second season.  However, it’s TLC so unless they can think of something worse odds are there will be a second season.

TV Guide described the third episode as being about a woman who dislocates her jaw and an injured couple that fell out of a tree while attempting to have sex.  There are of course no additional details on how this poor woman may have dislocated her jaw, but admit it, you kinda want to know right?

Sex Sent Me To The ER

In a previous episode, a man breaks his penis and has to go to the emergency room where his trouble just begins.  Turns out he broke it with screwing around with his girlfriend.  Problem is he’s married and his wife is the emergency contact.  I can only imagine the fun that ensues when the wife shows up at the hospital to confront the husband and girlfriend.
Why isn’t the Federal Trade Commission getting involved here.  That this channel is named after anything even close to learning is false advertising.  Somebody just moving here from another country who isn’t aware of the garbage that is TLC might let their children watch thinking it was an educational channel.
Oh, it’s educational alright.  Lowest common denominator style.