The Sex Factor

Sex Factor cast

Are we getting to the end of reality TV? When you have shows like MTV’s Buckwild, all of the Kardashian shows, any of the Real Housewives shows and countless other examples that show the Taliban might be right about us, let’s hope so. One more nail in the coffin of reality TV is getting hammered in as we speak with the announcement of a new reality show coming soon to an unknown network near you.

The Sex Factor will be a reality TV show that takes 8 men and 8 women and puts them in a contest. What do the winners win? The winning man and the winning woman will each win a 3 year contract and $1 million dollars.

Sounds pretty cool right? Who couldn’t use $1 million dollars and a guaranteed job for 3 years? Before you answer, you might want to look in to what the contest is and what that 3 year contract entails.

What’s the contest? The 8 men and 8 women will be competing in a porn competition with you and I (or whoever is watching) the viewer voting each week and the lowest vote getters getting eliminated.

Like so many other reality contests, there will be weekly challenges that the aspiring porn stars will have to compete in to see just who has the talent to join the one industry that has just about zero barrier to entry.

Judging this disaster will be people from the porn industry that you ladies might not have heard of, but I can guarantee your husband has. If you ask him and he claims he doesn’t know these names he is a) lying or b) lying even more.

The judges for The Sex Factor are Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Remy LaCroix, and Keiran Lee. Kieran Lee is the only male involved in this debacle and his claim to fame is that his penis is insured by Lloyd’s of London for $1 million dollars. I don’t know if that is a claim to fame or not since you can go and buy any insurance you want if you are willing to pay but I digress.

Hosting The Sex Factor and leading us down the path of the Roman Empire is Asa Akira. Again, ask your husband. That chick who got famous for being a porn star while she was a student at Duke was set to be the host but for some reason she got replaced by Akira. Apparently the hype and exposure weren’t enough for the Duke chick.

The 16 contestants are all amateurs who have never acted in professional porn, up until now. Each one of them had to have sex on camera for the judges to see who would be picked for the cast of this masterpiece.  Their parents must be very proud of each one of them.

As of now, surprisingly, no network has stepped forward to be willing to air this show. There is supposedly a big announcement coming from the creators of The Sex Factor on that but we will have to wait and see. Either The Playboy channel or some internet website will host this I’m sure. CBS is reportedly in the running but the creators of The Sex Factor think CBS sucks too much even for them so it doesn’t seem likely that they will end up there.

Just in case you aren’t sure if you have enough info about this show, be sure to check out their intro video (it’s from back when Duke chick was still attached to this project). It’s a bit NSFW due to language and NSFL just because of the concept.

The Sex Factor

Sex Factor cast