Seven and Done… True Blood is Over.

truebloodblog_jessica-crying-bloodIt was only a matter of time before TRUE BLOOD died the true death, and that time will be at the end of the upcoming seventh season.  HBO confirmed today that season 7 will conclude the show’s run.  Which is about 2.5 seasons too long for my tastes, but at least the first 4 were quite excellent.

Regardless of the 5th season snafu, enough viewers came this season to warrant another, but even HBO must see the writing on the wall.  It was also confirmed today (epic non-spoiler spoiler warning…) that the entire main cast will return, including Eric.  Just in case there was any questioning how that one turned out.  My assumption is that the middle of a glacier is a pretty good place for a vampire to burst into flames…  stop drop and roll, bro!

Just so we understand each other here (yes, I’m speaking directly to HBO at this point), go ahead and cancel TRUE BLOOD as long as you never, ever cancel GAME OF THRONES.  Thanks a bunch.