Sean Saves The World Is Cancelled

NBCThis just in Sean Saves The World is cancelled.  Quite honestly, I’m shocked that it made it this long on NBC or Nothing But Cancelled as it should be known.

The premise of the show is that a a gay dad’s 14 year old daughter moves in with him forcing him to balance his demanding job with his personal life.  Who are we kidding, the real premise is that gay people are funny.  I watched all 13 painful episodes and never could quite figure out why she had to move in with him other than to have a show.

I’m sure during the pitch meeting the NBC execs were thinking that since Will & Grace was successful and he was a key member of that show, how could this fail.  But producing a successful sitcom takes more than just one likeable and recognizable name.  Just ask the guy on the next show to be cancelled Michael J Fox.

Consider some of the more popular sitcoms right now – Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.  What makes them work is the show is not focused on one particular character.  That gives the show the ability to go in any number of directions and stay interesting.  Hell what made Will & Grace interesting is that there were other hilarious characters so the show didn’t have to focus on Will (that would have been cancelled for sure).

Also, the better sitcoms don’t rely on Three’s Company type of humor.  I get that misunderstandings happen, but most of us just speak to the other person to get clarity before we act in a ridiculous manner.  I said most.  The better sitcoms, like The Goldbergs, find humor in everyday situations and don’t have to rely on this type of schtick.

Since this is my last time writing about this show, I want to take the opportunity to take a shot at whomever cast Linda Lavin as Sean’s mother.  What were you thinking?  This might have been the straw that broke the shows back.  She wasn’t funny, likeable, or watchable as his mother.  Had this pivotal role been cast better, maybe the show might have had a chance.  You know who would have been fun?  How about Debra Jo Rupp from That ’70s Show.

So while I hate to see any sitcom cancelled, I won’t miss Sean Saves The World to much.  Leaves me more time to watch 2 Broke Girls.


Note:  It’s not all bad news, The Goldberg’s is likely to be renewed.