Scandal Binge Watching

Scandal Binge WatchingWe’ve decided to go back to our old format over here at MWTVG.  Back when we first started we used to post any old thought we had and call it a post.

We grew and got bigger.  So we thought we’d write longer more thoughtful articles.  Hell we even tried to appeal to the psychopathic watchers by bringing in Midwest Mark to cover their shows like Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

From what we can tell, nothing makes a difference so why bust our hump to write 300 word articles when you guys really just want to look at the pictures and read quick easy to understand articles.

Recently, I began Scandal binge watching which, for the record, is not good.  My family is on vacation in Florida but as I’m an accountant by day I stayed behind to work.  My wife thought it a good idea to post on her Facebook account that she was taking the family to Florida for vacation.  She made no mention of the fact that I was staying home.

Watching nothing but Scandal has made me paranoid that somebody is going to try to rob my house with me in it.  See on Scandal everyone everywhere is up to something nefarious.

So to all the would be robbers out there, I’m home so please don’t try to steal anything.  Also, and probably much more important, I don’t have anything worth stealing.  I mean I have a few big screen TV’s but you can get those at CostCo for like $400 bucks now.

I’m just saying you’d be better off putting your efforts into calling the elderly pretending to be the IRS or working on some internet scam than you would be coming over to my house.  Come on you’re better than that.

Oh, and to you Scandal fans, what’s the deal with Kerry Washington crying 3-4 times an episode.   Isn’t she supposed to be a tough as nails fixer.  Honestly, that could be a drinking game.  Every time she cries you take a drink.  You’d never make it through the episode.