Saturday Night Live – 11/10/12

Host: Anne Hathaway

Musical Guest: Rhianna

This was the best SNL of the season.  I’m not generally an Anne Hathaway fan, but she did a really good job tonight.  The opening monologue was one of the best they’ve done in recent memory.  Hathaway was hosting tonight to promote her upcoming movie LES MISERABLES that will be released on Christmas Day and the writers of SNL incorporated the musical in to the opening monologue.

This guy right here…

…is Taran Killam.  I’m telling you right now that this guy will be the next break out star of the cast.  He is absolutely hysterical and a great actor.  Just about everything he has done on the show has been very funny including his video tonight.  This guy is going to be a star.  On a side note, he just married HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER star Cobie Smulders.

This season SNL hired it’s first openly gay female cast member, Kate McKinnon.

When she first came on the show, I thought at first that she must have naked pictures of Lorne Michaels because she was in EVERY skit for 3 straight weeks after her first appearance.  After I noticed the high level of exposure she was getting on a sketch comedy show where rather famously the only way you get skits on the show is to write them yourself, I did some research to see where this person had come from.  She certainly has the comedy resume that you would expect of an SNL cast member but holy cow is she blindingly un-funny.  There is a moron at the NY Post who seems to think that McKinnon is the next Kristen Wiig but there is one major difference between the two, Wiig is actually funny.  McKinnon is not.  This feels more like a social statement by Michaels rather than a nod to her talent as to why she gets so much air time.  We’ll see if she gets funnier.  I am leaving room for that to happen because it is a huge leap for comedians when they get on SNL, so we’ll see if she makes the adjustment and improves.

Overall for the episode, I thought it was the best of the season.  They handled the election coverage well, The Weekend Update was funny, there were several funny skits, and the host did a great job.  If you have the episode recorded, go ahead and watch it.  You’ll enjoy it.