Saturday Night Live – 10/20/12

Host: Bruno Mars

Musical Guest: Bruno Mars

So can Bruno Mars be another Justin Timberlake?  Timberlake has some big shoes to fill when it comes to SNL because he is always fantastic when he is on the show and he is a natural comedic actor.

Overall the show was very good tonight.  The cold opening covered the 2nd Presidential debate and had the two candidates trying to pick actual fights with each other.  Jason Sudekis is was of course hysterical as always.  Tom Hanks showed up in a cameo in the opening as a guy asking a question of the candidates.

Bruno’s monologue was good.  He sang a song and made reference to Timberlake in the song.  He seemed like a natural to me right from the start.  He was certainly better than a lot of actual actors I’ve seen try to host the show.  He wasn’t searching for cue cards one time and he didn’t seem nervous at all.

The best skit of the night was a skit at Pandora internet radio.  They were losing power so someone had to step up and sing songs for the Pandora listeners to hear.  Bruno did several fantastic impressions of singers in this skit.  He did singing impressions of Green Day, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Louis Armstrong (where he broke character a bit and was very funny), and he closed with several Michael Jackson songs back-to-back.  The skit was really good and it really showed another talent for Mr. Mars.

Bill Hader’s very popular Stefon character showed up on Weekend Update tonight.  He got a huge applause from the audience when he was introduced.  I think this character is very funny too.  It’s one of my favorite that Hader does.  He usually breaks character when he does Stefon and tonight was no exception.  He broke more than I’ve ever seen him.  It was very funny.

The SNL writers recognized that there would be comparisons between Mars and Timberlake so they embraced the comparisons and actually put Mars in a skit that Timberlake usually does when he is on.  It’s the animatronic characters skit that is usually pretty funny.  This one wasn’t too bad and Hanks shows up again in this skit as well.

Overall I’d say it was a pretty good night for SNL.  The skits were mostly pretty funny and Bruno Mars showed to be a really talented comedic actor.  I will not be surprised if he starts making regular appearances like Timberlake.  The writers need to find him a signature skit like Timberlake’s Omletteville since Andy Samberg is no longer around to put him in world-famous Digital Shorts.