Saturday Night Live – 10/13/12


Host: Christina Applegate

Musical Guest: Passion Pit

Cold Open:

The cold open tonight was a skit about the VP debate.  Jason Sudekis was funny as usual playing Joe Biden.  Usain Bolt makes a cameo for no real good reason.


Christina Applegate first hosted SNL back in 1993.  I didn’t know that her episode was the first appearance of Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker.  I remember this skit as a classic but I didn’t remember that it was his first appearance.

They make Applegate sing a weird song about Christmas.  The highlight of the monologue is Sudekis doing a Dane Cook impression.


The commercial after the monologue was making fun of the Gilette commercial with those 3 dudes with supposedly awesome facial hair that gets run 250,000 times per day.  For some reason, they had Sudekis playing Jerry Sandusky in the commercial.

1st Skit:

The first skit was a recurring skit, The Californians.  I guess being a Midwest TV guy makes this skit go over my head.  It’s 5 minutes of people with blonde hair speaking in what I assume is a Californian accent talking about very specific driving directions that I guess only someone from L.A. would understand.  I don’t know how this skit makes it on to the recurring list.  Usain Bolt makes a cameo in this skit and does an embarrassing attempt at the Californian accent.

2nd Skit:

The 2nd skit was funny.  Applegate was hosting a show called “Tech Talk” where nerdy iPhone fanboys come on the show to bitch about their complaints about the iPhone 5.  Applegate brings on 3 Chinese workers who make the phone and they shame the panel members for their complaints.  Fred Armisen was funny as usual and was the best in this skit.

Video Skit:

A commercial for an action movie “Give Us All Our Daughters Back” starring everyone from every action movie.  This was an opportunity for people to try out their impersonation skills.  Jay Pharoah was funny as Denzel Washington.  The other impressions all missed.  Not really very funny.

1st Song:

Passion Pit performs the song that must be a big enough hit to have gotten them on SNL.  I’ve heard it on the radio but didn’t know this was the group that sung that song.  Clearly they weren’t lip-synching because they sounded terrible.  Also, when oh when lord will the hipster fad die out?

Weekend Update:

Meh.  Not a very funny update.  Nasim Pedrad came on and did her Arianna Huffington impersonation which isn’t bad but her material wasn’t funny.

Keenan Thompson came on and did his recurring character French comedian Jean K. Jean.  He broke character a bit at one point which was funny.

3rd Skit:

This was the funniest skit of the night.  Jason Sudekis was playing Odysseus who had to be tied to the mast of his ship to not be enticed by the Sirens who wanted him to crash his ship.  When the Sirens were speaking, Odysseus could resist them.  When they started to sing, he wanted to be untied.  The songs?  All popular chick songs that no man should ever know the words to or ever sing along with.  A decently funny skit which was made again by the talent of Sudekis.

4th Skit:

A halloween ball at Booker T. Washington High School.  This skit featured Jay Pharoah playing the principal and it wasn’t funny at all.

Second Song:

Passion Pit plays another of their songs “Carried Away”.  Much better performance the 2nd time around.

5th Skit:

Christina Applegate plays a dance instructor who is teaching only Bob Fosse type dancing.  I’m not sure if Applegate is doing a Kristin Wiig impersonation on purpose or not but she definitely sounds like one of Wiig’s characters.

I was impressed by Applegate’s dancing skills which shouldn’t be a surprise because she has a dance background from before she became famous.

My Impressions:

A very mediocre night tonight for SNL.  Some good but mostly it was flat or bad.  Jason Sudekis was funny as always as was Armisen in the skits he was in.  They are going very heavy with featured players and new cast members right now so there aren’t going to be many names or faces you recognize on the show.

This person though:

Kate McKinnon is a new featured player on the show.  She must have naked pictures of Lorne Michaels because for 2 straight weeks, she has been in nearly every skit.  It’s like SNL is trying to create a new Kristin Wiig on their own.  McKinnon comes from The Upright Citizens Brigade which is the comedy troupe that gave us Amy Poehler.  We’ll see if she is funny at all.  Lorne must think she is and he seems to be trying to force the rest of us to think so too.

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  1. Midwest Mo // October 14, 2012 at 7:07 am //

    I do hate the commercial they were making fun of, but I still didn’t get the Sandusky reference.

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