Santa Brunch

At MWTVG, it’s not always about TV.  Today is one of those days.  Today is the annual bring the kids someplace to get their picutre with Santa.

The first trick is to somehow get the 2 boys (10 & 8) to put down their I-Touch and put on clothes that they will both be ashamed to see themselves in 20 years from now (I also have a daughter, but she was up early getting her list ready and picking out 4 different outfits she could wear because well, she’s a girl).

Now the place we go allows you to take your own pictures with Santa.  They of course have a professional that is willing to part with his/her work for what I assume US Weekly pays for their pictures.  Sorry kids, we spent all of this years money on Christmas pictures instead of presents, enjoy.

The good/bad of taking your own pictures is that while you save money taking your own picture, you wait in line and watch aspiring Annie Leibovitz’s look for that perfect shot.  “Good Jeremy, now give a playful but distant look.”

The other, more looming issue that has arisen this year is that my kids are solidly in that not sure what to believe about Santa phase.  The real problem is that if they ever get definitive proof that Santa doesn’t actually exist, how am I going to make them behave in December?

Further complicating the issue is that my kids ride the bus.  You may think that kids learn everything about life at school or home, but this is not true.  It’s actually on the bus.  It’s a cramped, every man for himself Lord of the Flies situation on that bus.

My 8 year daughter has told me that, while she still believes in Santa, she won’t admit to that on the bus becuase they make fun of kids that still believe in Santa.  I know I can’t be the only parent who struggles with this issue, but I can’t belive how blatant the lie we tell our kids on this one.

I guess this becomes one of those things that makes your kids think you are crazy and that everything you say is wrong.  It’s probably OK as I don’t remember being mad at my parents on this one.  I suppose if it helps facilitate them moving out when they get to 18, it will have been worth it.