Ryan Kwanten in “Truth In Journalism”

971361_10151754849984153_1720763534_nLet’s file this one in the “Awesome” category… ADI SHANKAR and JOE LYNCH bring another short film in Shankar’s small series (at least so far) of superhero-flavored short films he lovingly calls his “Bootleg Universe”.  He first brought the 2012 Punisher short “Dirty Laundry” re-starring THOMAS JANE in the role he was meant for, now RYAN KWANTEN stars in the second short also dedicated to a famous comic book character.  Which one?  It’s good to be surprised in this case.

Although the more dedicated comic fans of us will pick up on it fairly quickly into the video, the reveal is ultra-cool coupled with the grainy black-and-white French PSA film effects.  I swore from the promo shots that it was a much more faithful version of John Constantine, but I was totally wrong.

Shankar should really bring a new one of these out yearly because of how damn cool they are.  At least as long as he focuses on a sequel to DREDD inbetween.  It proves that a filmmaker does not need to make a 2 hour special effect-fest to win the hearts and minds of fans.  It’s also great to see Kwanten not play the dumb jock role as we are so accustomed to him in TRUE BLOOD.  In related news, it’s exciting that the KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM movie starring him and GAME OF THRONES star PETER DINKLAGE has finally found a distribution home.  Hopefully they release a competent product, as this one has been brewing for quite a while… keep an eye out for it when it hits theaters/VOD/Blu Ray.

While not technically television, it’s not technically a movie either.  So let’s call it a ‘web show’.  Settle down, MIDWEST MO… the blog’s integrity remains intact.

Head inside to watch!  As a bonus, I embedded the Punisher short too, just in case you hadn’t heard of it before.  What other comic book characters would you like to see in these?

Truth in Journalism:


Dirty Laundry:

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  1. Millerkiller // August 1, 2013 at 10:03 pm //

    That may have been some of the best 27 minutes i’ve had in awhile

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