Ron Burgundy Hosts the Local News

Don’t ever let it be said that Will Ferrell doesn’t get out there to promote his movies. He has been everywhere lately as Ron Burgundy letting people know that Anchorman 2 will be out on December 18. He’s done Dodge commercials, appeared on countless late night programs in character, he will be hosting ESPN’s SportsCenter, and now this. Ron Burgundy hosts the local news in Minot, ND. There are 40,000 people in Minot. He must think that there are some people still alive in ND that haven’t heard he has a movie coming out. The best part of this video, I love small town news. Living in Chicago we don’t get to see armatures do the news. To get to Chicago, you have already paid your dues somewhere else. Small town news is like watching local cable access. It’s the best.


For those of you who have lived under a rock in the last month, Anchorman 2 opens on December 18.