Robin Williams Returns to TV This Fall

robin williams the crazy onesRobin Williams returns to TV this fall in a new CBS show The Crazy Ones.  Can you believe that Robin Williams hasn’t been on a TV show since he starred on Mork and Mindy (which ended in 1982)?

Williams will play an eccentric (thats a stretch) advertising executive in this show brought to you by Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley.  Playing Williams’ daughter will be former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar (I am legally required to actually give you all three of her names.  We received a very sternly worded letter from her attorney one time when we called her Sarah Gellar.  We are worth tens of dollars now here at MWTVG and have been advised by our own team of very powerful attorneys to not trifle with SMG’s name).

Robin Williams is famous for his improvisation skills and Kelley says that he will be giving Williams an opportunity to flex his improv muscles in his new role.  Said Kelley, “He says my words perfectly. Then he uses his.  He manages inside the box, then we give him a few takes where he gets to take out of it.”

Here is the preview from CBS:


I know it’s cool to hate Robin Williams but I am not cool.  I’m actually looking forward to this show.  I think it’s something that could be great for Williams.  You can’t let him be totally out of control but you can’t totally control him either.  A scripted series where he is allowed a bit of latitude to improvise could be perfect.

The Crazy Ones will air on CBS Thursdays this fall at 8:00.