Larry Hagman Dead at Age 81

Larry Hagman has died at the age of 81 after a battle with throat cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.  Hagman will be forever remember as one of TV’s greatest villains, J.R. Ewing of DALLAS.

My love of television started as a kid watching shows like DALLAS.  Even though I’m from Chicago, I grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan in part because of the show DALLAS.

I know that is not a real reason to like a team, but we don’t often think rationally when we are kids (the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders also helped me become a fan of the Cowboys).

There are people who love the villain in TV and movies.  I have never really been one of those people except when it came to J.R.  I don’t know what it was about him, but I always wanted to see him win.  In the famous “Who shot J.R.?” cliff-hanger, I was worried that they might have killed him (not knowing that a show like that would never have killed their golden goose).  Even on the new version of DALLAS (which is a pretty good show BTW that I’ll talk more about when it’s next season airs), I’m a fan of J.R. and I still think Bobby is a little bitch.  Here is a video of some of J.R.’s best moments:


His most famous character is most certainly J.R. Ewing but Hagman first became famous playing a character that is the polar opposite of J.R., Major Anthony Nelson on I DREAM OF JEANNIE.  This is one of those shows that got played in re-runs after school so even though it was on TV before I was even born, it still became a show that we all knew and enjoyed.

Larry Hagman was able to play comedy but he set the standard in Hollywood for playing evil.  Larry Hagman, dead at the age of 81.

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  1. Midwest Mark // November 24, 2012 at 8:03 am //

    That’s a real shame… while I never really watched the original, both me and my wife loved the new series.

    • Midwest Mike // November 24, 2012 at 8:12 am //

      He wasn’t on much of the last episodes of the first season of the new show. I think they knew the end was coming. My wife and I love the new Dallas as well. It won’t be the same without J.R., but John Ross is doing a great job taking over as the evil one.

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