RIP Jean Stapleton

jean stapletonSad news to report today from the TV world.  All in the Family star Jean Stapleton has died at the age of 90 of natural causes.

The world came to know Jean Stapleton in the 1970s when she starred next to Carol O’Connor on the ground-breaking show All in the Family.  Stapleton played the naive but well-meaning wife Edith Bunker who was married to the unapologetic bigot, Archie Bunker.  Edith showed that you can have a good heart and not lose yourself in the face of bad people.  She never tried to change Archie, but she did try to influence him and over time, she was able to get him to soften some of his views.  Isn’t that the role of the good people in our lives?  No one wants to be told they need to change.  The truly good people in our lives help us by influencing us to change.  If they came at us with a demand of change, none of us would budge.  Edith Bunker remained good-hearted in the face of anger.  RIP Jean Stapleton.  You will be missed.

Here is how the world will remember her, with one of the best TV show theme songs of all-time: