RIP Jack Klugman

jack klugmanVeteran actor Jack Klugman has died at the age of 90 in Los Angeles.  The role that made him famous was a bit before my time, that of Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple where he starred alongside Tony Randall.  That show ran from 1970 to 1975 and was a huge hit for him.  Again, it was a bit before me.  My memory of Klugman is from his role as one of TV’s first medical crime drama stars, Quincy M.E.

I recently found Quincy again on Netflix and watched the entire series in a week.  At first, I started to watch the show out of a sense of nostalgia, then I really got back in to them.  Forensic pathology was not a big part of law enforcement at the time that Quincy started.  Early episodes deal with the police and their skepticism to accept the things that Quincy was telling them based on forensic science.  Think about that.  Back then, the police didn’t want to listen to the medical examiner.  Today, on every cop show, the first place they go after a murder is to the morgue to see what the M.E. has to say about the dead person.  Quincy was a ground-breaking show.  Here’s the opening sequence for a last trip down memory lane.  RIP Jack Klugman.