RIP Community (2009-2013)


Do you want to see what it looks like when a network actively works to kill one of their own shows?  If you do, then tune in to Community on NBC Thursdays at 7:00.

The show has always been in NBC’s sights (because NBC does an amazingly terrible job deciding which comedies to support and which to cancel and has done so since Seinfeld left the airwaves) but became a cult favorite of fans that loved the study group from Greendale Community College.

Witty, smart, and always funny, the ensemble cast was able to keep things fresh and interesting.  Then at the end of season 3, show runner and show creator Dan Harmon was fired/left the show.  Then, NBC gave Community a huge vote of confidence by putting them on an extended hiatus with an indeterminate time for a season 4 premiered.  At first, Community was going to be used as a mid-season replacement for any early failures of new fall shows on NBC with an October air date, but they were scrubbed in favor of the amazingly awful show Whitney which is so awful, I rank it up there with 2 Broke Girls (and you all know how much I hate that show), yet NBC in their infinite wisdom chose that show over Community.  Community was then relegated to a February premiere date and that wasn’t the end of the problems.  The loss of Harmon triggered an exodus of writers from the show culminating with the loss of Megan Ganz (who left to go write on Modern Family which is no surprise why that show continues to be so brilliant).

chevy chase community

Continuing the death by a thousand cuts, Chevy Chase famously quit Community during production of season 4.  Producers floated a story about how it was a mutual decision based on the fact that Chevy was so mean and difficult to work with.  In actuality, after watching season 4, Chevy had the right idea and we should have all known what was coming if he decided that the show was so bad that he couldn’t even finish production of the 4th season.

So it brings us to what we are calling the 4th season of Community.  Gone is the community college where the group started.  In it’s place are contrived situations outside of the school where we are expected to believe that this group of people would all hang out together in. Each episode tries harder than the last to recapture the past glory of the show and each episode fails miserably.  What we are watching weekly is the murder of a sitcom by a TV network.  NBC hasn’t been a fan of Community since they first put it on the air and they are exacting their revenge this season.  What they are putting on TV is shameful and we need someone to step in and finish the show off to put it out of it’s misery.

Community can be pronounced dead even if it may still be on life support.  It’s time to pull the plug and let it go.  Let’s remember the great times we had with Community and try to forget this season.  We don’t want this season of Community to be like Joe Namath in a Rams uniform or Joe Montana in a Chiefs uniform or, for those of us in Chicago, Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform.  Let’s remember the glory days.  Please NBC.  Just kill Community.  Don’t torture it or us any longer.

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