I was at a party last night talking about our website with a friend of mine and he asked what new shows were good.  I of course went to REVOLUTION.

He immediately began listing reasons why the show was “stupid” because it could never happen and that only simpletons would watch the show.  You’d never guess that he is an engineer.

You ever have it happen where you think of a bunch of good responses much later?  Here were some of my thoughts that I came up with later:

  1. Telling me that everything I watch on TV cannot actually happen, is like saying there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny.  Why do you hate Santa Clause?
  2. Why am I at a party with an engineer.  Is that even technically a party?
  3. At my day job I am an accountant.  I don’t ruin all your shows saying how we would never debit this or credit that.  I bet a lot of you have never seen accounting humor.
  4. We don’t actually know how the power went out, maybe this is all part of a huge conspiracy that will lead up to a season finale where the power really does go out.  It could happen, check the Bible people, I think it’s in Revelations, although remember, I’m am accountant not a theologian.


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  1. The Santa Clause is definitely real! It was a fairly funny movie with Tim Allen about ten years ago. I thought you only commented on tv?!

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