Review of the FX Previews

So two of my favorite shows premiered tonight, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and THE LEAGUE.  Both are hilarious comedies on the FX Network.

The first to premier was SUNNY.  I was happy to see in the credits that the show has gone back to being written by the stars themselves, Rob McElhenny, Glen Howerton, and Charlie Day.  There was a stretch of time early last season where the writing had been farmed out to a writing team and the show clearly had lost something during that time.  The show being written by the 3 guys is what makes it funny because they are the heart of the show.  So, seeing that they were the writers tonight gave me hope.


Mac has lost his weight and is feeling more and more again like he is the bar security expert.  That is always funny.

The Lawyer, played by Brian Unger (THE DAILY SHOW) is back and will seemingly have a more recurring role as the executor of the will of Dennis and Dee’s mom.  Any time he interacts with the group has been funny.


I think they have done about all they can do to Rickety Cricket.  The situation they had him in tonight was very uncomfortable and not funny.  It’s either time for Cricket to see some redemption or time to end his character arc.

Overall grade: B

The second premier was THE LEAGUE.  This is season 4 of the show which has continued to grow in the ratings season after season.  Ratings for the show were up in season 3 by 32% in the adults aged 18-24 category with an average viewership of 2.9 million viewers.  The FX Network has ordered 13 episodes for season 4 so we have lots to look forward to.


The NFL is clearly taking notice of the ratings jump in this show.  The entire show featured Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys as the league members were invited to Cowboys training camp so Jerry could broker a deal with Taco over ownership of a web domain.  There were featured cameos by Jerry Jones, Jason Witten, Felix Jones, and Brandon Carr from the Cowboys as well as cameos by Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Matt Kalil, and NFL Network host Rich Eisen.  To get this number of people on the show, as well as a tie-in with the NFL Network (which is owned by the NFL) on to the series shows that the NFL is taking this show seriously and wants to be involved.

Ruxin’s fantasy about how his draft will go is very funny and involves cameos by many of the previously mentioned players.  RG III also shows that not only is he rich and athletically talented, but he also does a good job with his acting role which makes me feel very jealous and petty so I’ll say that I hate his hair.

There is also a great scene with the only female member of the league, played by smoking hot Katie Aselton, that I won’t talk about here but it fits right in with the humor of the show.


Taco.  I’m not a fan.  It’s like they put him on the show just to make everyone else funnier by comparison and he’s not even trying to play a straight man.

The delivery room scene.  Poorly written and really a bad idea.  I don’t think they need to be outrageous or try to show this league as any more fanatic than it is.  The things they have done in the other seasons are all totally reasonable and realistic and are things I have either done in my leagues or have heard of others doing.  Having a draft in the delivery room though, too far.

Overall Grade: A-

Keep watching both shows folks.  They are both very funny.  If you have any feedback or thoughts on these shows tonight, let us know.  While our opinions are generally the most correct, we do leave a bit of room for other thoughts.  Just a bit though.