Rambo – TV Series

It’s a hot Friday afternoon here in Chicago and I’m of course not working like I should be (client’s can wait, this is more important).

I stumbled upon this little gem – Sylvester Stallone is in talks to develop a TV series based on his movie and character Rambo.

I can’t blame Stallone for trying to get paid.  It’s hard for a terrible actor that is getting older who can barely speak audible English to get roles today.

The fact this might happen shouldn’t surprise me.  Somebody thought remaking Red Dawn was a good idea.  So now I’m thinking about 80’s movies they could remake.  The following list is a joke, please don’t take me seriously.  I would hate to see one of these show up on TV one day and think I was somehow to blame for it.

Breakfast Club – each week a group of bratty high school students go to detention for their offenses.  While the punishment is very reasonable, all of the kids try to rebel against the guy making a teacher’s salary and who has to give up his Saturday to “babysit” these kids.

Back To The Future – get Michael J Fox to come back to TV and…. wait, I think this is already happening this fall.  I believe his show is called The Michael J Fox show even though he’s playing a character named Mike Henry.  Now that’s some big kahunas.

Caddyshack – I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already.  I can’t remember a sitcom on TV based at a country club.  Of my gosh, is this an original idea?  Did I just reinvent the wheel?

The Terminator – my guess is that they want to do this as a TV show, but anytime they get close a new Terminator movie gets released.  What are we at Terminator 12 Rise of the Garbage Disposals?  Hurry up and get it on TV, I’m guessing they are a filming a Terminator as we speak.


So that’s my list.  I left out things like Star Trek, Star Wars, and ET as they have kind of beat that genre to death (Seriously, like how I compared ET to Star Wars?  That’s going to piss off some nerds).

I also left of Dirty Dancing because we kind of have that with So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Porn Stars.

What 80’s movie would you like to see turned into a TV series?  Remember, you have to pitch the movie and how you would envision the show.