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rake premiere

rake premiereDid you watch the Rake premiere on Fox last night? I’ve been waiting for this show to premiere for a while. I love Greg Kinnear and the promos Fox had been advertising for Rake looked interesting. My verdict after the first episode? Um. I don’t know.

Rake is based on an Australian show (because we don’t make original TV in America any more) that follows lawyer Keegan Deane (Kinnear) who is an absolute disaster. The premise of the show seems to be let’s take a guy that everyone seems to love and force people to watch him do things to destroy his life.

We are introduced to all of the key players in Deane’s life in the first episode from his ex-wife/therapist to his best friend whom he lives with to his green card seeking assistant. ¬†All of the people in Deane’s life recognize that he is a disaster yet they can’t seem to stop liking him. In one scene, Deane gets his best friends children sent to child services and is anyone mad? Not really. As if a trip to child services is something that is normal and happens regularly to people.

I spent the episode uncomfortably watching Deane meander from one problem of his causing to another while at the same time finding myself liking him and rooting for him. If ever there was an actor better suited to play the role of lovable disaster, Kinnear is the guy. He is very charming as Keegan Deane and I find myself liking him despite knowing that if I knew him in real life, I would probably already have had to kill him.

Two relationships with Deane are interesting to me at this point and will keep me watching. The relationship between Deane and his best friend’s wife Scarlet Leon (played by Necar Zadegan) who is also an Assistant District Attorney who sometimes faces Deane in court is interesting. Scarlet seems to be the only person at this point who is ready to be done with Deane. I’ll be interested to see how their work life and their home life plays out in future episodes.

I’m also interested in the relationship between Deane and his ex-wife Maddy (played by Miranda Otto). It seems as though she is not entirely over Deane despite having gone so far as to divorce him. They have a son together who seems to be following his father’s path as well so that dynamic should add some interesting story lines for Rake to deal with as well.

I’m not 100% sold on Rake yet but I’m also not turned off by it. I like Greg Kinnear enough to give him plenty of opportunity to get this show on the right track. The ratings for the Rake premiere were somewhat soft at just over 7 million viewers and that is a concern since we know that the premiere is usually the high point for ratings and they just decline from there. American Idol was the lead in for the Rake premiere but we know from the Idol ratings slip that it is not the juggernaut that it once was so I don’t put too much stock in any ratings complaints at this point. The true test will be to see how much of the audience comes back for week two. If there is a big drop off, Rake is in trouble.

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Rake airs on Fox Thursdays at 8:00. If you watched the premiere, be sure to share your thoughts with us. We’d love to know what you thought.

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  1. Just watching the :48 promo made me want to kill him…. or at least watch him suffer some form of self-inflicted (and likely well deserved) blunt force trauma. I applaud your efforts in trying to stick with this one but I think most will pass. While I usually enjoy the programming choices on Fox, I have yet to move past their cancellation of Touch. (I will be standing by for your witty retort regarding Touch). Great review.

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