Raising Hope Canceled by Fox

raising hope canceled by fox

raising hope canceled by foxIn a move that isn’t really a surprise but is sad to me none the less, there is news that Raising Hope has been canceled by Fox. ┬áThe show will end with it’s season 4 finale on April 4.

Ratings for Raising Hope have not been doing well lately so it’s not really a surprise that this show got canceled, but it was one that I liked.

If you never saw it, Garret Dillahunt, who played the dad on the show, was worth watching all by himself. The show managed to survive for 4 seasons on Fox which is a rarity for comedies on that network. When it got moved to Friday night though, the time slot where shows go to die, the writing was on the wall.

I know it doesn’t matter now since it’s been canceled, but it was a good show. Maybe the ratings have something to do with this AV Club article that says rich people like shows about rich people and only poor people will watch shows about poor people.

I’m not poor now but I sure came from there. When I got married (at 17), I owned 4 shirts and 1 pair of pants. My wife hit the jack pot bagging a money-maker like me let me tell you. Maybe that’s why I liked this show. It brought me back to my roots (which I’m not really all that far removed from). It was a funny blue-collar show that admittedly got a bit weird in the last season but how is that different from How I Met Your Mother? Oh yea. HIMYM is not about poor people.

So with the loss of Raising Hope, it means that there are just two shows left on network TV that focus on poor people. The Middle and Bob’s Burgers. Both of those shows by the way, worth watching. Bob’s Burgers is more than worth watching really. It’s a must watch.

TV doesn’t like po’ folk unless they are on reality TV trying to lose 600 pounds or trying to win redneck beauty pageants.

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  1. This makes me sad. Excellent ensemble cast…you could almost see it when Fox gave up on the show. I think you may have conveniently omitted some poor focusing shows….one of which I know you love even has broke in the title.

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