Quick Movie Note – TED

In case people didn’t realize already, I am not often wrong.  About anything.  But I will take this chance to come clean to our dear readers and admit that I was wrong about the movie TED.  When it initially came into theaters, my reaction was “who the hell wants to watch a bear that sounds too much like Peter Griffin humping a cash register?”  Even as overwhelmingly positive reviews came in, I stuck to my guns because (referencing above) I am almost never wrong.  And incredibly stubborn.  But that’s besides the point.


And SETH MCFARLANE at the helm made me a bit nervous since all non-FAMILY GUY anything with his name on it is wholly un-funny (yes MIDWEST MIKE, even AMERICAN DAD).  And FAMILY GUY is even starting to wear out its welcome.

So I went to Blockbuster tonight will full intention to rent DREDD or THE POSSESSION, but was screwed out of both.  Lots of copies of TED though, so I settled.  I hear at least several of you out there right now openly making fun of me for quite possibly being the last Blockbuster patron in all of Illinois… and you know what?  Sticks and stones, folks.

Anyway, TED turned out to be hysterically funny and is required watching for anybody needing an insta-classic dirty comedy.  MARK WAHLBERG and MILA KUNIS are both fantastic in it, as well as JOEL MCHALE, PATRICK WARBURTON and the very funny 10-second cameo by RYAN REYNOLDS.  It’s clear that somebody owed SETH MCFARLANE a huge favor…

So what do you all think? Did any of you see TED? If you did, what did you think? Did you like it or hate it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Rent now.  And what the heck… rent it from a Blockbuster.  I promise they don’t bite and they would probably be happy to interact with people from time to time.