Quick Movie Commentary – The Expendables 2

Following the second step of my five-step plan of combating the midseason blues, I was finally able to watch one of the summer blockbusters that I completely missed in the theaters… THE EXPENDABLES 2.  Superior to the original in every way, it was thoroughly satisfying from the opening frame to the credits.  Like any self-respecting guy, I am a huge fan of classic Schwarzenegger, Statham and Stallone flicks (amongst the others) so bringing them all together is more than satisfying.


The first one was just fine as far as what you would expect a movie like this to be, but this time around the script is sharper the direction is better, the action is crazier and the muscles are more vascular.  In fact, I would argue that you can stand the opening 14-minute explosion-fest right up against the best any of the classics would have to offer.

My only tiny gripe:  A couple of these guys are starting to age real hard.  ARNOLD is great to see in a significant role back on screen, but his awkwardness is a little less passable than before.  CHUCK NORRIS’ scenes almost seem like they were pasted into the film afterwards and it’s obvious that he’s been out of Hollywood for a while.  JCVD was a great villain and it really brought the best out of DOLPH LUNDGREN and JASON STATHAM.  And aside from his ridiculous handlebar moustache, STALLONE also brought his ‘A’ game along with BRUCE WILLIS who was nice to see brandishing a machine gun again.

Bottom line:  Rent now.


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  1. Millerkiller81 // December 17, 2012 at 8:07 pm //

    It was a big step up from the first one. Although I’m not gonna lie, with all the classic lines going back and forth, I was totally expecting some line from Jean Claude or Stallone about boxing or kickboxing in there brawl! Only big disappointment in the movie.

    • Midwest Mark // December 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm //

      He did make up for it by roundhouse kicking the knife into Thor’s brother’s chest. Because JCVD doesn’t need to stab people with his hands, he stabs people with his roundhouse kicks.

  2. Midwest Mike // December 17, 2012 at 11:10 am //

    How much hair dye would you say was used for that picture?

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